Grasping the true meaning of certain sections of the bible can at times be a little challenging.  Very often, this is caused by the fact that many biblical concepts are lost during the translation process from Hebrew to English. A lot of the erroneous doctrines being preached by some churches results from the fact that the Hebraic concepts of many bible passages are not understood.

If you would really like to understand the scriptures the way it was meant to be understood, you have come to the right place. The ministers of the Remnant of Judah teach the scriptures from a Hebraic prospective. We believe it is impossible to teach the meaning of a book without first having some knowledge of the language in which it was originally written. And because we also accept the scriptures from a literal standpoint, our teachings are easy to understand. One of these ministers will be happy to visit with you and explain the scripture.

If you request a visit, please note that we are not coming to argue scripture or debate with you. We are not coming to convert you or to coerce you into joining our congregation. We are coming to simply answer your questions, to explain anything you are struggling with or don’t understand, and to study with you in the spirit of love.

If you live in the Atlanta GA or Charlotte NC area, we currently have a minister who is able to visit with you. Please complete the section below.

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