Education is one of the important keys that unlock the door to a better life. It is a proven fact that those who are educated are more productive, more discipline, are better communicators, and are much better critical thinkers. Education opens up a lot of opportunities regardless of a person’s past or current social status. Those who are educated have better employment opportunities and they earn higher wages. Educated people make healthier lifestyle choices, and they contribute to the overall welfare of the communities in which they live.

The Remnant of Judah believes that every child should be given a fair chance of obtaining a better education. We however are aware of the fact that many children are not afforded that basic human right. This is especially true of children in so-called “poor third world” countries. With just a little help, these children can realize their full potential.

Our School Supplies For Jamaica ministry is lending a helpful hand to school children in Jamaica. The people of Jamaica know the importance of a good education, and that is one of the reasons why children start basic school at an early age. We want to ensure that “no child is left behind” by distributing school supplies to those who are less fortunate. Most of these children are brilliant promising children with very bright future, but they need a little help. Helping with basic items such as pens, pencils, and other school supplies can go a long way. If you would like to assist us with this endeavor, please do not hesitate to contact us.